Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mastering Property Management This Week at REI of Virginia

Hello everyone,

This week we are going to dig into everyone's favorite aspect of the landlording business… Property Management. I say that sarcastically as it’s one of the most difficult things to master. And one of the most critical to your financial well being to get right. 

There is nothing more important with this aspect of the business than  getting your non paying tenants out as fast as humanly possible and treating that new vacancy like the plague. To do this successfully you’ve got to put ALL of your attention on it until you have your property rented again by suitable residents. This done right and you will significantly increase your income. However any failure of a quick turnover and you will lose boatloads of cash that could have been used to pay your bills, grow your business, or just line your pockets. 

This week REI Officer, Rebekah Cornett, owner of B&C Services, a property management company, will be covering the process of quickly getting your court date, what to do in court to fulfill your objectives, then immediately filling a writ on the deadbeat resident to motivate them to either pay before the deputy gets there or move out so you can get a paying tenant in your property. It’s always nice to be able to pay your mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.

It’s going to be an interesting topic. Come one, come all… We’ll see you there!


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