Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Free Windows and Doors In Your Rentals ~ This Week At REI

Hi Everyone, 

What if I told you that I know of a government program, that you can sign up for, and get free windows and doors throughout your rental properties? 

You probably wouldn’t believe me. But I can tell you that it IS true as I’ve used it several times.

Maybe you would would think that the stars have to align perfectly, in the right order, to get it. Which also isn’t true. I can tell you for a fact that the average person CAN get this program. That it’s EASY to get. And you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. 

Then maybe you think that you would have to have the RIGHT FRIENDS in the RIGHT PLACES in order to get it. WELL NOW YOU’RE ON TO SOMETHING…

I’m pleased to announce….. that right friend. Who is in the right place. 

Our speaker this week will be our friend, Marla Robertson from Lead Safe Roanoke. She will be with us to tell us the details and what types of new developments and opportunities that they have. 

You work hard for every dollar you earn. And the government has always had their hand in your back pocket taking it out just as fast as you can earn it. 

Come on out to our meeting this week and learn how to get it back. With every house you get on this program, you will get thousands back in value. 

Wealthy people use every opportunity they can get to both save and make money. We’re giving you one right now. Take advantage of it. 

See you there!


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