Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two Topics This Week At The Real Estate Investors Of Virginia Meeting ~ 1.) Slumlord Millionaire Show 2.) Situational Awareness for Landlords and Rehabbers

Hello Everyone,

This evening we will have 2 speakers. For the first 30 minutes Spanky Macher will tell the group about his new reality TV show Slumlord Millionaire.  https://www.facebook.com/theslumlordmillionaire/  

He’s going to fill us in on the details regarding where it currently stands. Spanky set up a booth at a national trade-show that had attendees who were buyers for both big and small networks as well as television station conglomerates. He got some great leads who were interested in the program and is well on his way to getting a signed contract. 

Our next speaker starting around 7pm will be Scott Leamon who is a certified crime prevention specialist through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. 

Scott is going to give us a presentation on crime Situational Awareness for landlords, Realtors and flippers. This includes preparing your properties to make them unattractive to criminals, early recognition of tenants, clients or individuals hanging around a property that could become hostile, etc. 

I have some landlord specific advice that I learned the hard way over the years that has kept me from getting into it with irate tenants several times that I will share. 

People who are down and out, for one reason or another, that are getting a 21/30 day notice, a 5 day pay or quit or an eviction can quickly become dangerous if the wrong things are done by you.

It’s going to be another fun meeting. Come on out and enjoy some time with educated, like minded people, who are experiencing the American Dream as successful entrepreneurs in our area. 

We’ll see you there!


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