Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Q&A From an Industry Expert Tonight at Real Estate Investors of Virginia

Hello Everyone,

This week we have a great meeting lined up for you. We will have our friend “Tiny Tim Hogan” as our group moderator. Tim is an expert in the fields primarily of wholesaling and flipping to “up-sell” properties. When he is speaking about these subjects he "stands tall" as his advise is as good as gold. Tim has helped me get some “high returns" with successful flips I’ve done in the past and has some great guidelines on determining “how low a property can go” in our market. 

Tim has done more flips in Roanoke than anyone I know. By a “long shot”  This "little guy" is full of good information… that is if you can get it out of him. Just don’t ask him for any favors or win any bets against him as he has a “short term memory". 

Tim will be moderating a group discussion so bring a “long” list of questions. “Short" insufficient answers won’t be acceptable as we’re going to hold our mini friend to some very “high” standards. 

Come on out to a memorable entertaining meeting as it always is with the "little guy". 

See you there!


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