Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This Week ~ Group Discussion

Hello everyone,

This week we aren’t having a group speaker. We will have a group forum about varied landlording, flipping, wholesaling and other real estate investment related topics. As we do any time that we don’t have a scheduled speaker. 

REI President Andy has had some difficulties setting up consistent meetings. We are currently looking for a new officer of the group that will take over his responsibilities so we can get back on track. I’ve found it very difficult to write agendas about nothing back to back. 

Regardless of the meeting having a speaker or not, we always have a focus on teaching other like minded people, both novice and advanced, to develop our individual companies into streamlined, cost effective, money making machines. That you will eventually work towards quitting the day job to be full time real estate investors. We don’t only talk about the big picture but also discuss the nuts and bolts of operating a successful company. One topic we may discuss in the upcoming meeting is the development of systems that allow you to have a team of good people that will manage your companies for you while you spend most of your time doing as you wish. Something I have been working on for the past few years. 

We trade ideas that have worked for us. Or ones that didn’t. That is what this group is all about. Investors helping investors become successful. If you fully take advantage of networking and developing good business relationships with our membership, you will end up with a large portfolio of lucrative property to retire on and pass on to your “family” (THEM)  and “friends” (ME). 

Come on out to the meeting this week and spend a little time with some good like minded people. 

See you there!


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