Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Property Flips and Rentals will be the subject of the upcoming REI Meeting

Hello Everyone,

We have a fantastic meeting lined up for this week. The topic is going to be Property Flips and Rentals. And our speaker will be good friend and REI CFO Eric Schmucker. Eric has been flipping properties lately and has historically managed and owned over 100 rental units. 

Eric is going to cover topics such as:

1. How to get started in flips and rentals
2. Building your renovation team(s)
3. Subcontracting bid labor vs. employing your own guys by the hour.
4. What kind of renovation work should your company be able to preform vs. subcontracting outside companies
5. What should the pay scale be? And what should each employee be able to preform at each level?

Eric managed the REI rehab so he will then lead into a discussion of our project which is close to completion. 

Looking forward to this meeting…  It’s always fun to hear the perspectives of our fellow members. How they do things, what they do to save money, where they feel they can reasonably cut corners to save money and where they don’t. We all have a different way of doing things. I often pick up some good tips at these types of meetings that I implement in my company saving money, time or frustration. Money saved = money earned. 

See you there!


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