Monday, July 10, 2017

Open Forum This Week At Our Real Estate Investors of Virginia Meeting

Hello Everyone,

This week we do not have a scheduled speaker so we will be having an open forum. Those of you who have been to these know that these types of meetings can be a lot of fun. This is where we talk about what you want to talk about. We will have several topics of discussion. This type of meeting can be highly informative. 

BTW, Spanky Macher, author of the book Slumlord Millionaire, asked me to let everyone know that he will be bringing books with him and if you would like an autographed copy he will be there to sign it. He didn’t sign mine which is irritating. 

Come on down for the weekly entertainment and learn some tips and tricks to operate your business efficiently so you can keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. 

See you there!


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