Monday, July 31, 2017

Deal Or No Deal This Week at REI

Hello Everyone,

We’ve got a fun meeting lined up this week. Our CTO Frank Erhartic is going to lead a presentation that will show you how to determine if you have a real estate deal, or you don’t. 

There are many different formulas that can be used in this determination and I’m assuming that Frank will be discussing them for both deals on rentals and deals on flips. And I’m sure there will be plenty of audience input. 

Going to be a great meeting. Y’all come on out!

See you there!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New Laws For Landlords This Week At REI of Virginia

Hello Everyone,

We have a super important meeting this Tuesday. Every year we have a meeting shortly after July 1st when new laws go into effect. This year attorney Darren Delafield is going to be our guest speaker. Darren will go over all of the laws that passed that are going to effect landlords.

This one is real important to ensure that your company maintains compliance with the new laws. Reschedule any other plans you may have. 

See you there!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Open Forum This Week At Our Real Estate Investors of Virginia Meeting

Hello Everyone,

This week we do not have a scheduled speaker so we will be having an open forum. Those of you who have been to these know that these types of meetings can be a lot of fun. This is where we talk about what you want to talk about. We will have several topics of discussion. This type of meeting can be highly informative. 

BTW, Spanky Macher, author of the book Slumlord Millionaire, asked me to let everyone know that he will be bringing books with him and if you would like an autographed copy he will be there to sign it. He didn’t sign mine which is irritating. 

Come on down for the weekly entertainment and learn some tips and tricks to operate your business efficiently so you can keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. 

See you there!

Monday, July 3, 2017

No REI Reminder For This Tuesday Considering It Fell On Independence Day. Reminder Of Why We Care Below..


There will be no meeting this week due to our meeting falling on the day recognized back in 1776 that the United States became an Independent Nation by breaking free from England. Just 3 years prior we had our first big display of resistance at the docks in Boston (The Boston Tea Party) when we dumped their tea in the ocean. No taxation without representation. 

Interesting when you compare the amount of representation America had prior to the American Revolution to the amount of representation that landlords get today in Roanoke City. The entire city would fall apart if it wasn't for us. Property taxes pay a third of the entire city budget. Landlords own well over half of all property in the city. Many neighborhoods the number sets at approximately 85%. However the city does not send a representative to our meetings as they do to every tiny neighborhood association and the few business associations I know of. And when you ask them to do something for landlords as a whole they act like it’s a big deal and they don’t do it. One of many examples is a requested seat on the Water Authority Board by any landlord so we have representation. Representation Denied!

They themselves are the enemy of the city. A parasite holding it back from what it could be. Their actions have caused Roanoke City to skip across the bottom in the housing market since the 2008 housing crisis. Which in turn has hurt every single homeowner in the city. Including owner occupied homeowners. And jobs which are largely supported by the housing industry or something that supports the housing industry. They even hurt themselves by hurting us. When you drive investment dollars out of the city you lower the value of every single property in it. Lower supply of investors creates a high supply of homes for sale due to the limited number of buyers. Which drops the value as there are only X number of dollars that will be spent on X number of houses. It’s simple supply and demand economics. 

That same supply and demand economics has a trickle down effect. And when those houses skip along the bottom just above the 2009 bottom when most other places have already reached their 2008 bubble levels, they hurt themselves as well. Their treatment of investors in Roanoke City hurts their tax values. And their radical anti business philosophy has brought us to today with their several million dollar budget shortfall. It’s only going to get worse as I will bet you any amount of money that when they read this email they will not contact any officer in our group to ask if they can team up with us to Make Roanoke Great Again. Because they don’t care. They want to continue the corruption selling tax payer owned buildings to their friends for 10 bucks. Which they just did again a few more times.

May God bless America. May God bless Roanoke and the surrounding areas. Our founding fathers fought and died for our Liberty. Which includes your property rights. And all other God given rights that the government seems to think these days are privileges granted by them.  Sorry guys but no one made you God. You’re a measly politician. That’s all. A CIVIL SERVANT. We are not your servant. 

Don’t give your rights back to a power hungry government for any reason. Give them an inch and they take a mile every single time. Demand your freedom as you were not put on this earth by God to be under the thumb of any special group of people. Your Liberty is non negotiable. 

Molon Labe… 

Happy 4th to everyone! Except those who hate this country. You can leave. 

See you next week..

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