Monday, May 22, 2017

Discover The Power Of Self Directed IRA’s This Week At REI

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’ve got a very special meeting this Tuesday. People from Equity Trust will be flying in to Roanoke to talk to us about Self Directed IRA’s. We spent a little money, for the first time ever, sending out a mailing to landlords that didn’t appear to be on our current mailing list. Equity Trust did some marketing as well. So we expect it to be a decent sized meeting. Hopefully with some new faces. 

For those of you who don’t know, a self directed IRA is an investment vehicle, with tax advantages, where you can personally invest in assets you know and understand the most. For example, with a self directed IRA, you don’t have to do the standard investment into the stock market or by buying some mutual or index funds. A self directed IRA allows you to invest in real estate, promissory notes, tax liens, private businesses, precious metals, etc. 

You also get some huge asset protection benefits with money you have in an IRA. For example, if you got sued and lost, a person can not dip into your IRA retirement money to pay the debt you incurred. And lets say one day something drastic happened and you ended up having to file bankruptcy. Self directed IRA’s are afforded protection under federal bankruptcy laws to ensure your assets are secure. They also pass along after death with little to no tax implications. 

There are even self directed IRA’s out there, only with a handful of smaller companies, where you can invest in real estate that you personally own. It isn’t a law that in order to be a qualified person to invest with it can’t be you. That is a “rule" that the big companies have for some unknown reason. 

This is going to be a fantastic meeting on an interesting retirement account / investment vehicle, so cancel any plans you had and come learn about this powerful tool to add to your portfolio. 

We’ll see you there!


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