Monday, May 15, 2017 at REI of Virginia This Week!

Real Estate Professionals,

This week our guest speakers will be the folks from Pretty much any town, on any day, anywhere in the United States, you will find several properties available on 

Our guest speakers from will be talking with our group this week about how the bidding process works for the various types of auctions. Some are online auctions, some are live, some are foreclosures, others are bank owned REO’s. 

When looking for good deals, it’s important that you throw everything into the mix. Look on the MLS, talk to wholesalers that you can trust, bid on websites like, and go to local auctions such as trustee sales advertised in the paper, tax sales, etc. You should be on the mailing list of all of the auction companies that sell properties locally such as Woltz, Walker, Counts Auctions, etc. Look them up online and get on their lists. 

Come on out to the meeting this week to add to your list of good sources for deals.

We’ll see ya there!


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