Monday, April 24, 2017

Is It A Myth Or Is It Reality?

Hello everyone,

Can you really become a multimillionaire by buying low income properties for just a few thousand dollars, fix them up and then get them rented and have all of your money back to spend on another within a few short months? Our guest speaker, Spanky Macher, has proven that you can. 

We are proud to debut Spanky’s first publication of a book called Slumlord Millionaire. This innovative book shows you how to buy property, starting out at any level, and build a substantial portfolio. 

Understand that buying in low income areas does not necessarily mean that you are a slumlord forcing people to live in substandard living conditions. As a matter of fact, the low income areas of many towns have rental inspections which would make it impossible to be a slumlord, even if you wanted to. 

Learn how to make millions from the expert who was able to catapult Macados Restaurant into the real estate business, how he made both his mother and brother wealthy and built a real estate empire of low income rentals for his children, with little to no money to start. 

Meet the author, Spanky Macher, and be one of the first in the Roanoke Area to get the book that will teach you how to do it yourself. 

There will be an hour presentation from the author and then 30 minutes for question and answer. 

Come one, come all. If this is your first meeting at the Real Estate Investors of Virginia group, the meeting will be free...

See you there!


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