Monday, April 10, 2017

Fire Prevention In Your Rentals This Week At REI

Hello Everyone,

This week our special guest speaker will be Roanoke City Community Risk Reduction Specialist Tiffany Bradbury.  Tiffany is going to give us some insight on how tenant fires in the city often start and what we can do to help prevent fires from happening. 

I saw an interesting video last week that one of our members posted on Facebook. A Roanoke landlords house was getting torn down by a couple excavators. In this case the tenant, that was in the process of being evicted, set it on fire. 

Short and Sweet this week guys and gals. So no time to write any announcements even though I have a few for you. Been super busy lately. Right now I’ve got to prepare for a few minutes as I’m a guest speaker tonight at the Asian Business Association. It’s a massive group of people who are primarily business owners. Entrepreneurs. My kind of people. The movers and shakers in town. Mostly in the hotel, convenience store and drug store industries. I attended one of their meetings a couple years ago. It was impressive. 

See you guys at REI...


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