Monday, April 24, 2017

Is It A Myth Or Is It Reality?

Hello everyone,

Can you really become a multimillionaire by buying low income properties for just a few thousand dollars, fix them up and then get them rented and have all of your money back to spend on another within a few short months? Our guest speaker, Spanky Macher, has proven that you can. 

We are proud to debut Spanky’s first publication of a book called Slumlord Millionaire. This innovative book shows you how to buy property, starting out at any level, and build a substantial portfolio. 

Understand that buying in low income areas does not necessarily mean that you are a slumlord forcing people to live in substandard living conditions. As a matter of fact, the low income areas of many towns have rental inspections which would make it impossible to be a slumlord, even if you wanted to. 

Learn how to make millions from the expert who was able to catapult Macados Restaurant into the real estate business, how he made both his mother and brother wealthy and built a real estate empire of low income rentals for his children, with little to no money to start. 

Meet the author, Spanky Macher, and be one of the first in the Roanoke Area to get the book that will teach you how to do it yourself. 

There will be an hour presentation from the author and then 30 minutes for question and answer. 

Come one, come all. If this is your first meeting at the Real Estate Investors of Virginia group, the meeting will be free...

See you there!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Money Talk This Week At REI

Ok Guys and Gals,

This is the meeting that we have been waiting for… Our good friend, former REI CEO, Dan Cullather, and his daughter / loan officer Kelly, will be our guest speakers. 

Dan is the owner of Valley Tree Mortgage and has all of the contacts you need to get a loan. They have contacts all over the country so they can get some outstanding rates. They’ve got loans for those of you with great credit OR those of you with credit that needs a little work. 

I’m told that there have been a lot of changes happening lately in the mortgage industry. And the great news is those changes have been focused on investors for loans to strengthen the housing market rather than being focused on homeowners as they used to be in the past. I love the business friendly atmosphere that we are working towards right now.

Loans have loosened up quite a bit for us investors. Come on out and hear what kinds of changes there have been so you know what your financing options are. 

This is going to be a meeting that you don’t want to miss. Cancel any plans you have as I can’t figure how they could be more important than funding for your business. 

Be There or Be Square...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fire Prevention In Your Rentals This Week At REI

Hello Everyone,

This week our special guest speaker will be Roanoke City Community Risk Reduction Specialist Tiffany Bradbury.  Tiffany is going to give us some insight on how tenant fires in the city often start and what we can do to help prevent fires from happening. 

I saw an interesting video last week that one of our members posted on Facebook. A Roanoke landlords house was getting torn down by a couple excavators. In this case the tenant, that was in the process of being evicted, set it on fire. 

Short and Sweet this week guys and gals. So no time to write any announcements even though I have a few for you. Been super busy lately. Right now I’ve got to prepare for a few minutes as I’m a guest speaker tonight at the Asian Business Association. It’s a massive group of people who are primarily business owners. Entrepreneurs. My kind of people. The movers and shakers in town. Mostly in the hotel, convenience store and drug store industries. I attended one of their meetings a couple years ago. It was impressive. 

See you guys at REI...

Monday, April 3, 2017

This Week A Wild Card Meeting


Hello everyone,

So you ask… what is a wild card meeting. And the answer is I don’t know either. I have no idea what we are talking about. All I know is Frank was supposed to be working on some sort of big thing and I have no idea if it panned out or not. Maybe some webinar or something with the people from which would be fun. If that’s what it’s about. I have no idea and am not getting a response. So we’ll see...

Regardless we’ll talk about something interesting.

See you there!

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