Sunday, March 5, 2017

Make A Million Buying And Selling Land This Week At REI

This week at REI our speaker will be member and good friend, John Carter. John spent several years of his life owning and operating a timber business.

The timber business investment scheme generally consists of finding large parcels of land for sale that you think you can get a good deal on, determining what kind of wood you have on the property and how much you can get for it, putting in offers low enough that leave you room for profit from cutting the wood, ideally large enough to completely pay for the property, then selling that property for as close as you can get to what you bought it for so you can get your money and profit back and do it all over again. That is if you don’t hold it, replant, and pay taxes on it for the next 15 to 30 or more years until you can cut again.

John is going to give us some insight on this unique real estate investment business that doesn’t necessarily involve tenants unless some of it is rented out for agricultural farming purposes for for hunting, etc. There are a lot of different angles you can take with a timber business and we will learn some of these at our upcoming meeting.

I’ve been looking forward to hearing John’s perspective on this subject for a long time and am excited to get some eduction in this area.

Come on out to our meeting and spend a little time with like minded people.

See you there!


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