Thursday, December 15, 2016

MLS Secrets Revealed That Will Make You Rich… This Week At Our Real Estate Investors Meeting... During Our Christmas Blow Out!

Hello Everyone,

It’s guaranteed to be a fun meeting this week at REI so mark your calendar. REI of Virginia is in the spirit of giving, so those who attend, are going to be the ones who will be getting.

Yes, it is true. We don’t make much money with these cheap dues we charge but we also haven’t spent much money over the years so were going to unload a little and give some back to you. 

1. First thing we’re going to do is buy you dinner.
2. Along with dinner a couple drinks from the bar will be on our tab.
3. And we have a whole bunch of gifts for everyone ranging from gift certificates to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sheetz, and various restaurants.  The plans are that no one leaves without a gift in their hands. This is going to be an Entitlement Party where even the losers get rewarded! That is as long as we don’t get a lot more people than we are planning.

So we’re going to wine and dine you... And then we’re going to educate you. And the value of the education we’re getting ready to give you at this special event is going to far exceed any kind of money we could spend on you. This hands on style education is going to make you a very wealthy individual if you listen and do as you will be taught this week. I’ve been using this method since I started. It has worked for me, it has worked for Andy, it has worked for Dan, it has worked for EVERY SINGLE property owner I know that has millions of dollars in their portfolio. And I can promise you that we did not become successful by dumb luck. You’re getting ready to learn one of our Secrets that Works, and we’re going to prove it works.

This powerful method is hands down the EASIEST way to obtain properties far below value. There are a lot of ways of finding extremely discounted properties but most of them take a lot of work. This one doesn’t! All it takes is some time and patience. Slowly replicate this method 3-5 times a year for 5 years and you will be a very wealthy individual. I promise you that.

You think you can handle that? Just 5 years of part time work and you can retire… You can't put a price on the value of what you’re going to learn at this meeting. AND you’re getting it for free. Not only are you getting it for free but we’re going to buy you dinner and drinks. AND we’re going to give you a prize for being a Special Person. AND we’re not going to try to sell you anything at the end!

WOW, What guru class will not try to empty your pockets and your bank account and get you to borrow money to pay for their valuable information? I can tell you what guru… The gurus who have been there and done that at your State REI Group. That’s where you learn how to do this stuff. Not from some clown who “SAYS" that they became real estate millionaires. This is the real deal guys and gals.

Big things are happening right now in REI. We’re going to give you a real world example that our group just did on buying property this way. And this purchase that REI is making is going to give opportunities to all of the members in our group at every level of real estate. From the beginners to the advanced. 

This is how it goes down. All 2016 paid members get in free. You can also bring along your spouse free as well. If you haven’t signed up for our meetings yet, you are still welcome. For $100 you can participate in our Christmas party and get this valuable information that we’re going to give the group. That $100 will also buy you 2017 dues for our meetings and access to next years Christmas party as well. What an unbeatable deal!

So mark the calendar and cancel your plans as the REI of Virginia, 6:30 pm, Tuesday meeting, at Corned Beef & Co, Downtown Roanoke VA, is where you’re going to need to be. Beginners and Experienced welcome.

See you there!


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