Monday, November 21, 2016

Top 10 Things In Real Estate You Do Not Learn From A Book

Hi Everyone,

Got another great educational meeting coming your way this week at REI of Virginia.

The topic for this week will be the top 10 things in real estate that you do not learn from a book. Tips, tricks, secrets, lots of great info can come from a meeting like this.

Come on out and spend a little time every week with other like minded individuals. Regularly attending REI of Virginia meetings keeps your mind on track… keeps you thinking about making more money… and with this continued focus on your wallet, you will automatically end up significantly increasing your wealth. Trust me it works as I did it.

On another note, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It’s the time for giving for many. Right now for me it’s the time for getting. Getting a new dog. I’ve been searching for another german shepherd since my last baby got cancer and died in June. I finally found what I was looking for. A female german shepherd with both parents coming from champion bloodlines.

The paternal bloodline has 3 time world champion Ballack Von Der Bruckneralle and several others. Then on the maternal side there is 2 times world champion Vegas du Haut Mansard.

My dogs name will be a lot more simple than that. Cali, that’s all.

So I’m pretty excited right now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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