Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Free Windows And Paint Throughout Your House!!!

What??? Free windows and paint throughout your house? Potentially inside AND out. Yes, you did hear me correctly. And they may even paint the roof if it’s metal. And excavate around the outside of the house to get rid of bad dirt and replace it all with good mulch.

What I’m talking about is Lead Safe Roanoke. And there are no strings attached. If you have a qualifying tenant, the ONLY thing it will cost you for 10 to 20 thousand dollars of work will be 2 to 4 nights of a hotel room for your tenants. That’s it. You can’t beat that deal.

And you will be helping ensure that families stay safe from lead in your house from then on. It’s a big win win for everyone. This is your rare chance to get some of those tax dollars you have been paying back.

Come on out to REI of Virginia tonight and learn the details of the Lead Safe Roanoke program from our friends Marla and Ann. There are some new developments that may allow you to get a multifamily house done with even one qualifying resident.

See you there!


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