Monday, November 28, 2016

When to Buy and When to Sell - 5 Major “food groups” of the Real Estate Cycle… This week at REI.

This week at REI we will have our friend and wealth management advisor, Andy Ingram, back with the group to talk in detail about a subject that garnered a lot of interest last time he was with us.

As always, a common interest of any investor is to know when to buy and when to sell. Andy and Jason Roland of Dividend Capital, a company dedicated to building value through the power of Real Estate will look at and evaluate the Real Estate Industry’s Market Cycles and where each of the 5 major “food groups” of Real Estate fall on the cycle. Extensive research by Dr. Glen Mueller of Dividend Capital and adjunct professor at Harvard will be covered. They will discus the currant market cycle and look into the forecast model for 2Q2017.

Andy will also talk about a year end tax strategy outside of this public forum. He has a couple ideas that offset earned income and can potentially offset 100% of the investment into the strategies where you will get full value of the asset to diversify your portfolio!

Don’t miss this meeting guys. There is going to be a lot of great information…

See you there!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Top 10 Things In Real Estate You Do Not Learn From A Book


Hi Everyone,

Got another great educational meeting coming your way this week at REI of Virginia.

The topic for this week will be the top 10 things in real estate that you do not learn from a book. Tips, tricks, secrets, lots of great info can come from a meeting like this.

Come on out and spend a little time every week with other like minded individuals. Regularly attending REI of Virginia meetings keeps your mind on track… keeps you thinking about making more money… and with this continued focus on your wallet, you will automatically end up significantly increasing your wealth. Trust me it works as I did it.

On another note, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It’s the time for giving for many. Right now for me it’s the time for getting. Getting a new dog. I’ve been searching for another german shepherd since my last baby got cancer and died in June. I finally found what I was looking for. A female german shepherd with both parents coming from champion bloodlines.

The paternal bloodline has 3 time world champion Ballack Von Der Bruckneralle and several others. Then on the maternal side there is 2 times world champion Vegas du Haut Mansard.

My dogs name will be a lot more simple than that. Cali, that’s all.

So I’m pretty excited right now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Virginia Beach residents fight back against City Council that thinks they have the right to control their liberty.

Airbnb host says: 
“just another attempt by government to go deeper into my wallet under the guise of welfare and safety concerns.”
“Paying the city for permits for the privilege of having them come into my primary residence to inspect my smoke alarms and the lock on my liquor cabinet is beyond insulting and it’s an overreach of power,”
“For those of you who missed the message last Tuesday: Americans are voting for less government, not more.”

Original article here:

Monday, November 14, 2016

How To - Multifamily Investing This Week At REI of Virginia

This week at REI of Virginia our guest speaker will be local author / investor Paul Moore. Paul wrote a couple real estate books including one on Smith Mountain Lake real estate and another on what he calls “The Perfect Investment”, multifamily investing. I just so happen to agree with Paul on multifamily being the perfect investment as most of my portfolio consists of apartments.

This is going to be an awesome meeting that I’ve been looking forward to. So often you read various guru books that are located in different states with different laws and what is suggested doesn’t work the same or at all here. You can’t beat advice from local real estate experts as what they teach is extremely relevant to our area.

Cancel any plans you have as you don’t want to miss this meeting.

We’ll see ya there!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Free Windows And Paint Throughout Your House!!!

What??? Free windows and paint throughout your house? Potentially inside AND out. Yes, you did hear me correctly. And they may even paint the roof if it’s metal. And excavate around the outside of the house to get rid of bad dirt and replace it all with good mulch.

What I’m talking about is Lead Safe Roanoke. And there are no strings attached. If you have a qualifying tenant, the ONLY thing it will cost you for 10 to 20 thousand dollars of work will be 2 to 4 nights of a hotel room for your tenants. That’s it. You can’t beat that deal.

And you will be helping ensure that families stay safe from lead in your house from then on. It’s a big win win for everyone. This is your rare chance to get some of those tax dollars you have been paying back.

Come on out to REI of Virginia tonight and learn the details of the Lead Safe Roanoke program from our friends Marla and Ann. There are some new developments that may allow you to get a multifamily house done with even one qualifying resident.

See you there!

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