Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Federal Judge Deems Utility Companies Billing Landlords For Tenants Unpaid Bills Illegal and Unconstitutional.

I was sent this very interesting information by one of the biggest guru commercial landlords in the country. Our member, Ray Alcorn.

Philadelphia hero landlord, David Wolf, single handedly sued his local gas company who was billing landlords for tenants unpaid bills. He ended up having to take the case all the way to federal court. And the judge sided with landlords across the country deeming it an unconstitutional practice. This is a massive country wide victory for landlords. Now how hard are we going to have to fight in Virginia for our rights?

I suspect our politicians now will listen and make Virginia laws comply with the constitution. There are several common ways that all companies pay for their losses. NONE of them including billing a third party.

Us landlords get cosigners. Our gas company here gets a deposit that they have deemed as being high enough to cover any potential loss. Stores like Walmart charge a little more to the price of goods which covers theft. It’s such a small amount people don’t even notice it. Our Water Authority has a long list of things that they want us as a third party to do to cover theft and tenant unpaid utility bills. I have a message for them. Greed will destroy you!

See the article and video here of this fantastic story. I suspect there will be some big changes in our favor at next years Virginia General Assembly meeting.


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