Monday, May 16, 2016

You Now HAVE TO Rent To Violent Criminal Offenders Or You Are In Violation Of The Fair Housing Laws.

Several years ago we were ankles deep in police state type control of the people. We are now much deeper. More like waist deep. And it’s getting deeper by the year. The government has found that the more they push you the less you fight back. The people feel weak and hopeless. Like they can’t make a difference. That’s because the government no longer listens to the Will of the people. There was a day when government officials thought of themselves as civil servants. That they worked for the people. But today they are more like mini dictators that’s primary objective is to control the people.

They know better than you do how to run your life. Don’t you know that? The people are too afraid to fight back or do anything about it so on almost every occasion the government wins. In Virginia, they have now decided to issue a dictate stating that if you don’t rent to violent criminals, rapists and child molesters you can be charged with violations to the Fair Housing Act. And if you do you can be sued by the neighbors for your negligence. You should have never put a child molester next door to a child that got raped by them.

The world is crazy right now. The government on local, state and federal levels is operating with absolutely no since of reason or logic. For the past 8 years they have been pushing as hard as they can to take away your rights and now we are in the wake of some very serious damage to this country which is potentially beyond repair.

See below the details of the new government mandate that Virginia has dictated. Do you agree with it? I can’t think of a single landlord who would. I’m 100% on board with the existing protected classes that we have but adding criminals to the protected classes is shocking. I do not see a huge problem that has lead to all criminals having to live on the streets as a result of landlords not renting to them. They always seem to end up not having a tremendous amount of difficulty finding a place to live. There are plenty of landlords that don’t care.

The free market system should be allowed to operate without this type of government involvement. You as a landlord should not be FORCED to rent to a criminal if you don’t want to. It’s similar to the news where they were trying to force the cake decorator business to make a gay cake. If he doesn’t want to make one than go to another cake decorator and spread the word around that that’s a bad business. Then one of two things will happen. Either the general public will agree and not support his business or they will disagree and continue to do business there. In the end it should be the public that chooses, not the government.

We had some laws in the Virginia General Assembly that were an attempt to force landlords to rent to people with a different gender identity. The law added to the list of protected classes. I personally didn’t know of some major problem that existed with landlords not wanting to rent to transexuals. I actually don’t know a single landlord who would care. I personally love my gay tenants. As a whole they are typically very clean people and they take great care of my place.

Government intervention where it is not needed. It’s time that they government backed out of our lives and stopped this intense pressure of new regulation where regulation isn’t needed.


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