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Hi Dallas,

Some time ago I mentioned that my wife was undergoing some serious medical issues that required an operation to hopefully rectify an non-functioning pancreas. Unfortunately, a subsequent M.R.I evaluation indicates that the operation was unsuccessful. Understandably, this dire news will require that we be available to secure other options and resources worldwide, to hopefully remedy or belay her critical situation. To accomplish this I have made the radical decision to free up all my financial obligations in my investment properties, at all costs, within the next 30 days.

To do this I am offering the following unprecedented investment offer to your R.E.I. members for consideration:

I am prepared to take a significant loss on my initial investment] by reducing my original selling price on my 22,000 sq. ft. buildings from the already low price quoted to R.E.I. of $599,900. down to $463,800., which is the balance of my mortgages and loans. This is an additional $136,100. reduction savings, and lowers the dollars per square foot to an unheard of $21.04 per sq. ft. -  which is more than 50% below all local Botetourt comps. It also means that, at this lower price, the investment “in-cost” of the four buildings calculates to only $115,000. per building. There isn’t another commercial building in the State of Virginia that can be built at this “bail-out” price! And, if there ever was a commercial  investment property more structured to group investment participation of your membership, this is the one.

Group investment Calculation:
Original Sale Price of 22,000 sq. ft. building of $599,900. Reduced Down to $462,800. + include $37,200 for roof repair & closing costs = $500,000. Gross sale price.

Divided into 25 group investment units @ $20,000. Each. [This can allow each investor to choose how many units they want to participate in]

OR, Financed on a 20% down Payment [$100,000] = only $4,000. per investment unit. Balance as a group mortgage loan.

Marketing and/or Exit Strategy:
1. Quick Flip Sale at a reasonable $650,000. = $186,200. profit [40% R.O.I.]
2. Quick Flip Divide & Sell 4 Bldgs. individually at $839,600. = $375,800. profit [81% R.O.I.]
3. Develop Property into Antique Mall & Sell at $930,000. = $466,200. profit [101% R.O.I.]
Dallas, from my many years of experience in commercial investments I must say that there is absolutely no downside to my exceptional offer. Additionally, I sincerely believe that the investment that I am forced to propose, for closing within the next 30 days, may very well be an attractive vehicle to get your members more comfortable with group commercial investments, with no singular liability exposure. Honestly, if I could, with the projected economic growth in the county, over the next few years, I would be investing in as many residential and commercial properties as possible.

As always, I would certainly appreciate your valued thoughts, and/or, assistance in this critical matter.

Additional Investor Information – Commercial Investment Valuation:
Based on R.E.I. 65% valuation method >>                    $987, 243.
Based on R.E.I. 50X rental method >>>>                    $1,220,000.
Based on Insurance buildings replacement value >>   $1,320,000.
Based on $75. per sq. ft. building costs value >>         $1,650,000.
Lowest $ per sq. ft. costs of ALL Botetourt Commercial Comps                

County Demographics
Over the next 3 to 5 years, Botetourt County is poised to experience the largest growth in county history. They have:
a low unemployment rate;
high number of high quality jobs;
utility costs among lowest in U.S.;
cost of living much lower than national average
low taxes & fees;
VDOT daily traffic count for Roanoke off I-581 Approx 35000 vehicles, while for Botetourt off I-81 Approx 25000 vehicles.

Future County Commercial Development Projects:
New multi-million dollar Wind Farm project;
Arkay Packaging will invest over $10 million dollars creating over 50 new jobs;
Capco Machinery will have a $4.2 million expansion, creating over 40 new jobs with an average wage of $60,000.
NBG Holding will invest $5 million creating over25 new jobs with an average wages of $75,000.;
Dynax America is investing over $32 million creating over 75 new jobs;
Virginia Community College System has signed a lease 200 jobs;
Eldor Corp is investing $75 million creating over 350 to 650 new jobs with an average wage of $38,000.;
Fralin & Waldren have an ongoing extensive commercial building project in Daleville Center;
The Exit 151 interchange project involves $220 Million in Construction Costs;
Botetourt County has funded an aggressive development plan called the “Exit 150 Gateway Project.”

Taking into account all these demographic factors, an informed investor may consider Botetourt County as an extremely favorable area for residential and commercial investments.

CONTACT:   Kenneth Bray


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