Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Understanding money this week at REI.... Debt, leveraging, financing, etc.

This week at REI our special guest speaker will be Matthew Philmore of VIP Financial Education.

VIP teaches real estate investors how to accomplish the following:
Accelerating the payoff of all mortgage and non-mortgage related debt.
Maximizing monthly cash flow.
Increasing access to capital.
Accelerating the acquisition of investment real estate.
Increasing credit scores organically.
Unique and more effective budgeting.
Building Emergency reserves.

Matthew Philmore has studied under the founders of the FICO credit scoring system. He speaks nationally on the topics of credit scoring, debt elimination, fiscal responsibility and proper budget management.

He will be teaching the fundamentals of money, leveraging, taxes, and financing that are often not taught in schools. A good understanding of how all of this works together allows you to pay the least in taxes as a result of owning a business, create multiple residual income streams, own real estate free and clear faster than typical strategies, etc.

They are promising lots of good free information and techniques they call debt weapons that you can use at our upcoming seminar. We’ll see you there!


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