Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Strange Landlords Website & Are You Getting Ready To Get Bit Or Licked?

1. Interesting article by the Roanoke Times about a Floyd landlord, Mr. Amour Kasongo… who came from Rwanda and settled in Roanoke. He now owns 6 houses and set up a website called Yardstick that is supposed to be better than Craigslist as it doesn’t have the scammers. He says he only posts verified rentals to cut back on the scams where a person posts your house for rent using your ad and photos and charges several people deposits on it before they disappear.

He also said he is considering offering a years worth of rental payments for a tenant allowing them to repay Yardstick with interest. The idea is the landlord knocks off the last month of rent to get the guaranteed 11 months of payment upfront and he makes money from the one month you knocked off and interest.

I have plenty of 11 month deals for Mr Kasongo. The only Yardstick website I was able to find is https://angel.co/yardstick 

I don’t think the Roanoke Times did their homework. This looks like they are promoting a Nigerian scammer with a bunk website. Interesting how his last name is different on the website than it is in the article. Does the Roanoke Times check anything they write?

Here’s the original article from the rag.

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2. Feds charge landlord for not allowing tenant to have a dog for emotional support. 
 Ladies and gentlemen. There has been an ongoing battle since legislation passed a couple years ago requiring landlords to allow pets for handicapped people without a pet deposit, pet rent, or pet fee of any kind. Even if you don’t allow pets in that property. The laws that our congressmen passed were very vague. So they left them open for interpretation. And what does the government do when you give them an inch? Yes, that’s right, they take a mile.

We all know that these laws weren’t initially intended to allow anyone that wants to, to scam their pet into a landlords house that doesn’t allow pets via a fake disability. They were intended for real disabilities and we all know that. All of us except the enforcers of the law. They are the only ones that don’t seem to get it.

Doctors are writing prescriptions to tenants for emotional pets like it’s going out of style. They don’t understand the implications of what they are doing. They don’t understand that their emotional pitbull isn’t allowed by your insurance company. And when their emotional pitbull bites someone, the person that got bit is going to get emotional and sue the landlord for everything they have.

People… I don’t have any problems with pitbulls so don’t get me wrong. I love all dogs. Any dog that is raised right can be man’s, or woman’s best friend. But your insurance company doesn’t trust them as well as several other breeds. And that causes a problem for you as a landlord. Especially when you can’t require, the supposed handicapped tenant trying to skirt your fees, to cary any special insurance or anything like that.

Any doctor that gives someone a prescription for a medical pet should require that that pet is certified for whatever particular medical purpose. That will end this problem for the most part. And we need laws in place that allow landlords to require special insurance on a pet that is not insured by their insurance company. It’s just common sense. Lets start thinking a little before passing bills in congress. Maybe we will be better off not passing any more bills at all and start working on eliminating bills.

Read the interesting article of typical government overreach below.
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