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Predicting The Future?

How would you like to be able to predict the future?

To know today what you should buy to make the best return on your money over the next twenty or thirty years. Should you buy low priced, high rate of return properties in depressed parts of town? Old Southwest used to be a depressed neighborhood. Or more expensive, lower rate of return properties in an already well established more desirous part of town?

Andy Stowasser is going to do a mathematical analysis and lead a discussion to look at the pros and cons of both scenarios.

Come on out this Tuesday for our educational discussion that will show you where in real estate to invest, based on your own unique situation, to accomplish your personal goals.


Last week we had a good turnout for our Small Business Owner City Council Forum. For the next election the word DEBATE will be in it as several of you have requested, not Forum.

I would like to congratulate all of the candidates that were not afraid to come and talk with our group and answer a couple semi difficult questions. The candidates that showed up at our meeting displayed to our group that they are strong enough to tackle issues that are important to what is likely the largest single location small business group in the entire state, AKA, REI of Virginia.

Overall the candidates agreed upon several important issues. They don’t feel that it is in the best interest of the tax paying citizens to give property we own away to friends for 10 dollars. That was clearly a bad decision of the currant city council. 10 dollar buildings to friends has developed into regular yearly commonplace within our local government and the overall consensus was it needs to stop.

They obviously also all strongly felt that jobs are key to our economy. The differences lie in exactly how jobs are created.

Below is a link to a poorly written article by someone who is clearly not an entrepreneur, acting like they are an economic analyst. In this Roanoke Times article they made sure the name was removed from the article so their reporter wouldn’t be ridiculed for their ridiculous stance. The writer cited a dirty politicians engineered statistics that were designed to fulfill his pet project as evidence.

He / She essentially says that nothing can be done regarding keeping jobs in Roanoke and it is painful to him / her that the small business owners in REI of Virginia don’t know that. That it’s an “unhealthy fixation” to even think that the city could have asked companies like Advance Auto Parts or Norfolk Southern what can be done to maintain a great business environment for them here in the city. They further imply that our great leaders have done the best job that can be reasonably asked. Typical garbage that you can expect to read from the local rag.

The candidates that were not afraid to discuss business issues, in no particular order, include:

(I’m making an effort to define the write in’s and independents politically from what I have seen. You may have a different impression.)

Jim Garrett (Conservative Republican Write - In Candidate for Mayor AND City Council) The Republican Party asks that he is written in with no other candidate being chosen. They feel that this will give him the best statistical shot this late in the game.

Martin Jeffrey (Write In Candidate - Previously ran as Independent / Democrat in other elections. Former NAACP Branch President. Martin had some great answers to our questions.)

Freeda Cathcart (Currently running as an independent. Freeda is clearly Democrat)

John Garland (John I would say is a moderate Republican. John has a fascinating video here on saving Happy’s :-)

Duane Howard (Duane leans primarily Democrat but has some republican viewpoints mixed in. I would say Duane has done the most in support of the neighborhood groups over the years.)

Michelle Dykstra came to our meeting prior but did not stay for the debate. I have briefly talked to Michelle. I would say she is a Democrat by my conversation and the way she answered other forum questions. She has been known during this election as one of the most well spoken.

The candidates that did not show up were Sherman Lea, Anita Price and Trish White-Boyd. I have been told that anything that Anita does, Trish does. Anita decided she didn’t want to be questioned on business related issues. So the two of them didn’t show.

I have had lunch with Sherman Lea a couple of times. Sherman didn’t do as we agreed which was to assist with getting REI of Virginia one of the City Council Appointed Water Authority board seats so we have at least 1 landlord as a representative, however I can honestly say that I didn’t follow up with him much. A couple attempts and I gave up feeling that he wasn’t going to honor his word. Maybe one day he will revisit that issue with us.

Sherman is a landlord. As is Mayor Bowers. Most people involved in politics are as it seems. Primarily on a national and state level.

A few of us spoke with Sherman’s son after the REI debate. His mom / Sherman’s wife, has been in the hospital all week. So that is what I am told why he didn’t come.

So that’s the rundown on the candidates. Please vote for who you feel will best represent our entrepreneurial endeavors.


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