Monday, May 16, 2016

Landlord Entitlement Program That Will Make You Money This Week At REI of VA

It’s nice to every once in a while be able to get back some of that hard earned money you give away to the government all year. It isn’t really an entitlement program but it sure feels like one. It’s very strange having the government actually put money back in your pocket. I’m so used to it being taken out. You will get the knowledge of how to take advantage of this program at this week’s REI meeting.

This week at REI of Virginia we are going to have our good friend Marla Robertson of Lead Safe Roanoke at our meeting. Lead Safe Roanoke is a Roanoke City government program that was set up by Marla and Ann Weaver.  These ladies apply for grant money which pays for lead abatement and encapsulation when the house has children in it 5 years of age or under, or if a pregnant female lives there. Right now they have funding again.

If you have lead paint on the walls or on a metal roof they will paint over to encapsulate it. They will also test the dirt around the house and if it has lead they will remove and replace it with several inches of mulch. If you have old windows or doors that have lead on them they will replace them as well. Painting over windows and door trim does not solve the problem. They have to be replaced. They are continually opened and closed which will rub the paint off and get back down to the lead paint again.

I have used this program several times and every single time the windows needed to be replaced and dirt had to be excavated around the house.

Come on out to our meeting this week to learn about this program so you can take advantage of it. There is only so much funding for this each year so you have to jump on it before it runs out.

See you there!


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