Sunday, April 3, 2016

Colorado Passes Law Through House to Make Faking a Service Animal a Crime

Colorado just passed a law through their house that will make it a crime for a person to fake that their pet is a service animal.

Since the service animals laws have passed, we have a widespread problem of people pulling service animal scams to get on over on hotels, landlords, etc. They do this to duck and dodge your insurance company requirements and avoid pet fees. If their Pit Bull service animal hurts someone than you are on the hook since your insurance company already made it clear that they don't cover certain breeds.  And if you don't rent to them you have some very serious discrimination charges you could face. Yes, that is even if you don't accept pets due to wanting to keep the apartment in good condition, you still have to rent to them.

The basis of our problem locally is people contacting their doctor to get them to write a fake prescription that they need a pet for emotional support.  If they have ever been diagnosed with stress like we all have they are a perfect candidate. The doctors are not understanding the ramifications of what they are doing. Initially it seems to them to be an innocent issue and in order to keep their customers happy they are writing away. Even writing prescriptions for service animals when the animal the person has has been through no sort of actual training to ensure it is qualified for the particular ailment.

Read more about what Colorado is doing here:


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