Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Landlords Responsible For Tenants Bills & Renting To Illegals

As always we try to keep our members up to date with the issues that pertain to our industry. Here are a couple interesting articles that were sent to me by members this week that you should look over.

1. The Water Company in Tennessee has been attacking landlords. Apparently there was some old language allowing them to do so. Just like Virginia. They are now fighting it in their General Assembly to prevent the towns from charging a disinterested third party landlord. They don’t think it’s fair to force a private company (landlord) to help the government entity (water company) by paying off debts of another. By the looks of the article they are pretty optimistic that the landlords are going to win.


2. Virginia Landlord starts the eviction process to remove 15 residents that can’t produce a social security number for identification as they are illegally in the country. Legal Aid sues and appears to be digging deep as they are trying to use the premise that the landlord didn’t previously require the social security number rather than strictly use the argument that they have to accept another form of government ID.



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