Monday, March 28, 2016

Honorary Member of REI of Virginia Passed Away

Dear REI of Virginia members,

I’m sorry to break the bad news but I have been getting reports from people that our honorary member, landlord Frank Roupas has passed away. There is no official report but I have heard through the grapevine that Oakeys has him. I’ve checked their website but they don’t have an obituary listed. From what I understand he wanted to keep things low profile. We love Frank and it’s important that other landlords know.  I hope these are rumors that are wrong but I suspect they aren’t.

I have had several members tell me over the past couple months that Frank hasn’t been available for their calls. I then noticed that I didn’t see him sitting at zoning court. Frank loved to go to watch zoning court. It was one of the entertaining things that he never missed.

I called Frank a week ago. Left him voicemails on both of his phones saying I was concerned about his health as people are saying he isn’t answering the phone. Frank called me back and left a voicemail the next day that he has been dealing with a terrible back injury but he is now getting a lot better, that he’s feeling good, and will be back on his feet soon. It appears that Frank didn’t make it back on his feet.

I know a lot of you knew Frank. Everyone in the real estate industry ends up eventually meeting Frank. He was a real character. Frank had some great stories. And he told them with so much enthusiasm.

I sure hope these rumors aren’t true, but I’m pretty sure they are. The Roanoke Times is researching the coroner records via a freedom of information act as you read this. Sammy Oakey of Oakey’s Funeral home put out a tweet this past Friday that a “Well known citizen died overnight. His Pre-need instructions were to NOT put any notice in the newspaper and NOT tell anyone.”

I have called Frank several times over the last couple of days. On all of his phone numbers. Frank always calls me back. Always.

My heart goes out to Frank. He is a well respected landlord in our industry. He’s going to be missed by many…


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