Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tenant Tax Checks On The Way!

Tenant Tax Checks are coming guys. And no, that doesn’t mean it’s a second Christmas for you. Smart landlords don’t wait for tenant tax checks to come. A great deal of tenants use that check to lure you to letting them stay longer for free. There are more that will get one over on you than will make right on their word.

They first will give you all kinds of excuses on why they aren’t getting it on time. Then finally why they didn’t get what they thought they would get. That is if you get that far. You will be lucky if they don’t just move out and completely hoodwink you.

It’s such a common scam. To use that tax return as first months rent and deposit on the next place while the rest of it buys toys for them. That’s a lot more fun than paying thousands off to their old tired landlord. 

So don’t be a fool. File your UD’s. Judges like you to work with your tenants. If you want to be lead along you can still do that. You can send a fax to the judge the night before court requesting a continuance. Make sure you have all of the case details so they know what you’re talking about and suggest the date you would like it continued to.

You can keep doing that until you dismiss it when they paid, or until you find out that they are lying and you then already will have the court date in place to put a quick end to it.

Yes, it is possible to put your tenant in court and still be nice. This is a business and people understand that. Your mortgage, insurance, taxes, etc aren’t going to pay themselves and you’re not one of those rich landlords that owns all of their property. The bank owns every single house you got. And you got to do what you got to do. However you would be more than willing to continue it as long as they show to you that they are serious about getting it repaid. And they are making honest efforts at doing so with substantial payments along the way. And I don’t want to hear any more of that garbage about you having to pay your light bill. I don’t care about your light bill. It’s crazy to me that you think that your light bill is more important than your shelter bill. LOL, sorry got off a tangent…. That’s all you have to tell them people. They will understand if you explain it right.


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