Monday, February 22, 2016

Tax Free Exchanges This Week At REI

The last meeting we had Robert Young speak at he had a few other filler topics that he started out with. Those filler topics ended up being interesting conversation which resulted in us not getting into the details of tax free exchanges so we will be doing that this meeting.

Most of us who have been involved with real estate for a while have heard of the 1031 Exchange. But most investors I know haven’t taken advantage of it. Effectively using this tax strategy allows you to exchange one regular or vacation rental property for another rental property without having to pay capital gains at the time of the exchange.

House for house, equipment for equipment, truck for truck…. There are several different types of Like Kind Tax Free Exchanges other than the 1031 Exchange.

This week we’re going to have our good friend Robert Young who has done MANY of these tax free exchanges. Robert knows the ins and outs of these exchanges better than anyone I know.

Come on out and learn about this tax strategy that can be used to make a lot of money over the years due to being able to kick the can down the road on the date you have to end up paying these taxes.


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