Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some Bills You May Want To Watch

So here are some bills that are out there that you may want to keep an eye on. There is a never ending attack against landlords in the Virginia General Assembly. Some laws get through while others get stopped. Don’t count on the bad ones getting stopped. You should contact your legislature to tell them which ones to vote for and which ones to vote against. Pretty easy to do. All it takes is a phone call and leave a voicemail or a message with their legislative aid on what you support and what you don’t want them to support. EASY. Pick up the phone!

When reading these bills, look at the italics. That is what they are trying to add. Any strike-throughs are what they are clearly trying to take out. These are bills that are in the process of trying to get passed right now this very minute.

1. This one is the first of several steps of attempting to make it so you will have to be licensed to be a landlord. Can you see why? Think about it.


2. This one allows Legal Aid and tenants to get you real good on Mold issues. Even if it didn’t exist when they moved in and they likely are the one that created the problem. You will pay dearly on this bill if it passes. Don’t be fooled by the good things they list with the bad. Things that you ALREADY have the right to do. That is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to try to get idiots to agree with the bill. You’re not an idiot. Click the full text to read it all if you wish.

3. Authorizes the judge to terminate your rental agreement if the tenant files a tenants assertion. We have no need for additional laws against landlords. It’s already bad enough.


4. This one hammers the landlord even harder with higher damages the tenant can get from the landlord in legal aid battles. They already can get you for triple damages. Yes, you heard that right. 3 times the amount that they win. So if they win all of the rent that they ever paid you back, then triple damages is that times 3. That is the existing law. Do we need it higher than that? All they have to do is prove that you excluded them from the house as a result of an interruption of the utilities. Such as the water got cut off. Or you accidentally gave them the multifamily lease where you paid the water and this was a single family. But the lease said that you pay and you turned it off since it is a single family. There are all kinds of innocent reasons why there could be an interruption of service. Like you had a break in the yard you couldn’t find. Or you had to rewire your house for some reason or another. It could even be that they couldn’t live there because the mold was so bad or any reason including a reason that they caused. Thinking about making that call yet or are you still sitting on your hands?

5. Ladies and gentlemen. Republican Mark Obenshain is trying to make it so you are responsible for an unlimited amount of months of tenant unpaid water bills. You are currently limited to paying up to 3 months of their bills. He is trying to make it with this bill so the Water Authority can turn on their water and never turn it back off for months to years and if they don’t pay you will personally be responsible for it all.


How about now people? Are you still sitting on your butt or do you have your phone in your hand dialing your senator and delegate? Go to this website http://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/ to find out who your legislator is. Call your State Senator and your State Delegate and leave them a message. Please, do this for yourself and all other investors in town. I can guarantee you that most people who get this email will do nothing. Don’t be one of them. We need your help! You need your help!

So out of all of the bills, We have 1 good one. And that is from our friend, Senator Edwards. Please call him and leave a message of thanks. His number in the Capital is 804-698-7521 and here is 540-985-8690. This guy is really sticking his neck out for us. We owe him big time!

Here is Edwards bill. It requires the Water Authority to have a signed agreement with the landlord that we will pay the tenants delinquent bill. If they don’t, we don’t have to pay. And there is already a provision in the bill that says that the Water Authority can’t refuse to turn off the water that will work nicely with this added Edwards wording.



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