Monday, January 25, 2016

Who Shovels Snow? Tenant or Landlord

In Roanoke City who is responsible for shoveling snow? The tenant or the landlord? It is the responsibility of the tenant. Sure you can do it if you want to. But by Roanoke City code it is the occupant of the properties responsibility to clear the sidewalks. If the house is vacant than it's the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Here is the specific code section.

Sec. 30-16. - Removal of snow, ice, sleet and mud from sidewalks.
It shall be the duty of the occupant of every building, house or lot which has a sidewalk or footway of brick, stone, wood, concrete or other permanent material adjoining or touching upon the same, either in the front, in the rear or on either side, to have all snow removed from such sidewalk or footway within three (3) hours after the same shall have ceased falling, unless such snow shall have fallen during the night, in which case it shall be removed by 9:00 the next morning. The same requirements shall exist with respect to ice, sleet or mud on the sidewalks or footways, except that the same, when it cannot be removed without injury to the sidewalk, shall be covered, within the same period of time, with sawdust, ashes or other material which will render it safe for travel. When there is no tenement on such lot or any occupant of any tenement thereon, it shall be the duty of the owner of the lot or tenement to have the snow removed, or the ice removed or covered, or the mud cleaned off from his sidewalk or footway, as above required of occupants of houses.
Each six (6) hours that snow, ice, sleet or mud is allowed to remain in violation of this section shall be considered as a separate offense.
In case there is no occupant of the premises, and the owner or agent cannot be found, the city manager may cause the sidewalk to be cleaned or covered, at the expense of the owner, with a penalty of twenty (20) percent added.
(Code 1956, Tit. XVII, Ch. 2, § 7)
State Law reference— Authority for above section, Code of Virginia, § 15.1-867.


Tony Bingman on January 26, 2016 at 3:50 AM said...

Are those rules the same for a eight unit apartment building?

Dallas ® on March 31, 2016 at 2:24 PM said...

Yes, this is a quote of Roanoke City Code which does not specify if it is an apartment building or a house.

"It shall be he duty of the Occupant of every building....."

If I owned an apartment building I would likely have my maintenance people do it but I wouldn't HAVE to. Ultimately the responsible person is the occupant and I know of no state code that says otherwise.

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