Sunday, January 17, 2016

Renting To Ex-Offenders Recently Released From Prison At REI This Week

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This week we have an interesting topic for consideration. Our guest speaker will be Katherine King of TAP. TAP has a program where they help ex-offenders get permanent housing. When they get out of prison they go to a halfway house called the Dorcus Home. During that time, in order to be released from the halfway house they are required to obtain full-time employment and secure a lease on a house or apartment.

If they do not complete those tasks they are sent back to wherever they obtained their charges and run the risk of homelessness, unemployment and falling back into their criminal patterns.

TAP’s program, Training to Work, assists ex-offenders in their reentry back into society as productive citizens through the use of job skills training, education, employment, life skills training and more.

TAP will be coming to our meeting to teach us about what they do for these ex-offenders, show us the benefits to renting to them, and to determine what our individual criteria are for a tenants criminal history.

There are no sex offenders in their program.

So for this meeting there are some questions you should challenge yourself with.

*  If a person committed a crime 10 years ago and has spent the last 9 years paying for that crime they committed, should they be able to get another chance at becoming a productive citizen?

*  Are people capable of changing when given the opportunity to do so?

*  If you are considering a multifamily house to try out with this program, should the house be all ex-offenders? Are you putting your other tenants at risk by renting to ex-offenders?

*  If you have a policy against renting to those who have criminal charges, are there certain charges such as marijuana or white collar crimes that you aren’t as concerned with and would consider as a resident?

My personal policy for my low income properties falls along the lines if they have had an eviction before or not. I have found if someone has had an eviction than the chances are significantly higher that I will be evicting them within a few months. 

I also personally don’t like renting to people that have violent crimes. I don’t like the idea of having to fight and hurt someone in order to defend myself if I have to put them out due to non payment of rent. I have had a few over the years who have thrown their shirt off and wanted to fight when I had to file an unlawful detainer.

I also don’t like crimes with the word “public” in it as they seem to cause lots of drama on the way out. These are crimes with names like “using profanity over the public airwaves” whatever that is, “public drunkenness”, disorderly conduct, etc.

One question I would have for TAP is if they have some sort of program that would make us feel secure about renting to these ex-convicts. A program that would pay their rent if they lose their very new job. Something where there would be some benefits that could outweigh the potential downfalls.

Come on out to our weekly show. This will be an entertaining meeting on an interesting subject. Should people have another chance? Should they be allowed to get past their crime they already paid for? I think they should but I can also understand why someone would not want to do business with them.

See you there!

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