Tuesday, January 12, 2016

REI Dues

Click this text link to pay REI dues via PayPal.

This week at REI we have no guest speaker. This will be a moderated group discussion. These are often some of the best meetings. We will talk about various subjects.

I’m not going to get into thinking about various topics at this time because I just spent about 2 hours figuring out how to put a Paypal link on our website and in this email for annual dues.

I figure I’ll just let Andy wing it. LOL just kidding. I will help him wing it.

One of the pieces to the puzzle that keeps our organization running is our dues. Which still isn’t enough to pay anyone anything to run our organization. As I have said before, we are all volunteers. No one gets paid anything as of now. We have been trying to save up some money for a legal fund for our members in case we have any big cases we need to use it on.

We also are saving up to invest in some form of real estate. If we can get enough money together to do flips with it then we can create a machine that will continue, no matter who on the board continues with it. We will also create a machine where people within our group can get paid to physically do the flips. And newbies can learn from watching. A good win win for everyone.

My personal primary objective for REI would be that I would like to see REI get to a point where it can go on without me or any of us volunteers.

I would like to see REI at one point in time hopefully not in the too far future to be able to be self sustaining. To make enough money were I am replaceable. Where any of us are replaceable. And in order to be replaceable it has to be a paid position. There aren’t many people who want to invest the significant amount of time that it takes to put on this show we give to you every week without getting paid to do it. And it would take 1 full time paid person to completely run it effectively.

It would be nice to develop something that one day those of us who are volunteers can walk away from. Something that will keep on going and will continue educating and protecting investors in our area.

So to keep this short and sweet, as I have to get to some paid work, please click the link below if you haven’t paid this years dues yet. We lose about 3% to Paypal with this but we’re thinking making it easier will end up in getting more people to sign up this year. Our bet of reducing our dues last year to $100 worked out fine. We had a few more people sign up.

So we’re rolling the dice again on this Paypal link hoping it will work. Just like in Vegas. Only no free liquor.

Very soon we will be tightening down a little trying to get everyone to pay the yearly dues. You may get asked at the door if you aren’t on our list of who has paid. We have several people who come to the meetings who don’t. And that’s not fair to those who do. The only people we have set up to get in for free are new potential members. They get a month to see if they like it. No one else.

It’s $10 at the door if you aren’t going to sign up for premium membership. That’s our policy for those who just want to go to a meeting once in a great while. However we would prefer that you sign up as a premium member so you can help support the cause.

Please see the link below…

*** If you are paying with a business card or someone else's card that I don’t know, please be sure to leave your name and email address in the note to the seller box when purchasing. I need to know who paid so I can move you over to the 2016 Member list. Also if you are paying for 2 or more people please let me know the 2 or more you paid for.

Click this text link to pay REI dues via PayPal.


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