Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simplified Bookkeeping for Investors

I sure would like to see the IRS tapered down in size by implementing some modified version of the fair tax or flat tax. Abolishing taxes all together for businesses is an even better idea. Crackpot idea? No… Its a good idea.

A great deal of people are actually out there with the misdirected preconceived notion that businesses pay taxes. Think about it for a minute. All costs of doing business, it doesn’t matter what it is, gets built into the cost of the product or service a business sells.

An educated business owner is not going to continue to take hits to their personal finances due to any increased cost of doing business. They will either streamline their business in one way or another, make employees be more productive and work harder, or raise the cost of the product or service. There aren’t many other options.

As of now the US tax code is 74,608 pages long. And it’s getting much larger every year that goes by. But as of now, we have to continue to deal with it.

Meetings where members are teaching us their tricks of the have always been popular. And this week that’s what we’re doing.

Our President, Andy Stowasser, will be teaching us the simplified bookkeeping techniques he uses for his company. As you can see, bookkeeping  taxes, etc are by far my least favorite topic.

However they are currently necessary and if there is absolutely anything that anyone can teach me to make it faster and easier I’m all ears.

Come on out and see if you can learn a few tips that will make your life easier and save you some money.

And bring a friend with you. Guests are always welcome.


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