Monday, November 2, 2015

Real Estate Marketing Campaigns This Week At REI

Hi Everyone,

This week we’re going to have a conversation about various forms of real estate marketing campaigns. We’re going to cover what works and what doesn’t.

Direct mail to various “people problems” who have a high propensity to contact you is one of the most effective forms of real estate marketing.
And to make that marketing most effective it requires a high level of personalization. Which can be done on your personal computer with a data merge or on a variable data printer.

One trendy type direct mail campaign that has been popular with real estate investors for the past 10 or so years is called the Yellow Letter Campaigns. There are many versions of Yellow Letter Campaigns are out there these days. Many of which were designed by people who have no marketing experience.

At this meeting we will cover various campaigns and will talk about what works and what doesn’t work. And what type of content within the marketing will motivate a person to pick up the phone and let you give them an offer on their house.

I get a 25% response rate on the real estate campaigns my advertising agency created which are not Yellow Letter Campaigns. The average direct mail campaign gets a .5 to 1.5 % response rate. Good advertising is all about content, personalization and getting your company in front of the right people with highly targeted marketing. Lots of money is wasted by marketing amateurs blindly throwing piles of s*** at the wall to see what sticks. We’re going to cut through the ineffective garbage in these campaigns to show you want works and what doesn’t. A good integrated marketing communications program is essentially a road map to get from point A to point B the most efficient and cost effective way.

Come on out this Tuesday to get some tips on effective real estate marketing. And don’t forget to vote. Elections are Tuesday as well…

We’ll see you there!


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