Monday, October 19, 2015

Pricing Damages In Your Rentals

Hi Everyone,

We have a really interesting meeting this week that Roger and Amanda will be leading. The topic will be pertaining to determining how much it costs to fix various common damages that your residents leave you with at the end of a lease.

REI of Virginia suggests having tenants sign a detailed pricing list of what you will charge them on a wide array of potential repairs. This helps eliminate arguing during or at the end of the lease with residents about what they feel like something should have cost vs what it actually cost.

Our objective is to develop a comprehensive list of potential repairs and prices that one could reasonably expect an REI contractor to do those repairs for. We intend on getting the repair prices signed off by an REI contractor to ensure that they are within the realm of being doable.

Come on out. There will be some great information that will come from this meeting!

See you there…


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