Sunday, September 6, 2015

Use Laws To Reduce Your Tax Burden And Make More Money

The vast majority of our congressmen and congress women are involved in real estate investments. They pass laws and regulations that personally benefit themselves. This is why we have so many advantages in our industry. Many times when there is a law that appears to be restrictive, there ends up being a hole created somewhere else that prevents you from complying with that law based on varied circumstances. Loopholes are left open by our politicians to reduce their tax burden so they can become wealthy relatively quickly. If you keep abreast of what’s going on, you too will end up knowing where they are you can do the same.

Politics has everything to do with investing. If you were keeping abreast of global politics you would know like I do where you can get beautiful beach property for pennies on the dollar right now as a result of the dollar being so strong. And that property is going to appreciate tremendously within the next 10 years. What goes up comes down. The opposite of that is true as well.

A savvy investor keeps abreast of changes that are happening in the industry or industries that they invest in to determine where the tax advantages are so they can make a fair return on their investment.

This week our special guest speaker will be Jerry Dunnavant, President of Covenant Real Estate Services. Jerry will be showing us how to defer capital gains taxation through the 1031 Exchange and he will teach us about the Dodd-Frank changes that will occur on October 3rd this year.

As I said last week with Spanky Macher AKA Slumlord Millionaire. I said it will be a packed house and it was. I am telling you right now that it will be again. Over the years I have developed the ability to approximately determine the size of the group based on the topic. This will be a popular meeting. If you want to make sure you get a seat, you should get there early. And if you end up getting there late and don’t see a seat, no need to leave. Ask the waitress to bring some more chairs in. We’ll pack it in like sardines until we get a bigger room.


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