Monday, August 31, 2015

The Original Spanky Macher AKA Slumlord Millionaire™ This Week At REI

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that this week our special guest speaker will be my very good friend, Spanky Macher ~ Slumlord Millionaire™.

As you may recall, when we went to the Indy national landlord conference that had over 300 landlord attendees, Spanky spoke to the group and as he was getting cut short. An Indiana Congressman / Landlord behind me yelled out “Let Him Speak” and the whole room was chanting “Spanky, Spanky, Spanky.” It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like it. He was the star of the conference there’s no doubt about that.

Now Spanky is taking his dynamic likable personality to another level. He has been getting quite a bit of national interest in his Slumlord Millionaire™ reality show. I’ve personally seen emails from national production companies that were literally begging to be a part of it. Spanky has declined because he already has an awesome producer that was trained in California and just so happens to live right here in Roanoke. I predict that this show is going to make it nationally. Spanky has the star quality that is needed to make it happen. And the concept is something that has never been done before.

At our meeting we’re not going to be seeing one of the shows but rather a landlord training program that Spanky has created that will be something that people who like the show can purchase.

This training program gives insights into how he bought 20 houses in less than 6 months. And when he came out he didn’t have a single tool left and his business was completely destroyed. He was so far behind on taxes that the city was right on the edge of selling everything he had. He didn’t even have gas money and had to move in with me to get back on his feet.

This Tuesday he will give a little background on where and how he was able to bounce back from this devastating experience. It’s a rags to riches story essentially. Something that you can do as well with the right training.

So this is the first draft of his training program. It will be available on his website and on the show once it’s complete. And you get to see it for FREE!


As a bonus he will have some excerpts from his book, Slumlord Millionaire,™  for everyone.

Going Forward:
Currently Spanky has over 150 hours of video for his reality show. He is putting together two pilots that will be submitted to the national TV networks. Once it is accepted it will be go time. He will need to put significant effort into quickly producing several more shows to fill out an entire season.

Fun stuff everyone!

I suggest you get there a little early. It’s going to be a packed house…


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