Monday, August 3, 2015

How Come THAT Idiot's Rich And I'm Not!

Hi Everyone,

We secured a new location for our meetings. They will  now be held at Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill, 1650 Braeburn Dr., Salem, VA 24153. This Jersey Lilly’s is off Electric Rd across from Lewis Gale Hospital.

Message from our President Andy Stowasser regarding the upcoming meeting this Tuesday Aug 4th:

"One thing that everyone has requested over the years is to have a national speaker come speak to us. That is prohibitively expensive and so not reasonable. But what do we really want? Their presence? or their knowledge?

Well since we have a great sound system (once we figured out how to use it) why not employ that?

So next Tuesday what we are going to do is to play a CD on Landlording. I have purchased a CD set from an real estate investor on landlording and it is very good. There are four CD"s and they are about an hour long each. CD one is a bit slow as it is a preview of what is going to be taught, CD's 2 and 3 are great and 4 is again a bit slow. But there is a wealth of information there. He has some of the same principles as Jeffery Taylor (believe he was using them before Mr. Taylor was) So 8/4 is CD 1.

His name is Robert Shemin and he has written several books, the most notable one being "How come THAT Idiot's rich and I am not'.

I have also figured out how to play videos through the laptop and sound system so that will also be an avenue of information going forward.”

So come on out to the meeting this week. Should be a lot of good information.

See you there!


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