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Tough Times Ahead. Prepare Yourself To Profit Off The New State Of The World And Our Coming Economic Conditions.

REI Members,

I thought I would write a little something to show you what I’m seeing happening in the World. I’ll throw a few facts down for you and you can decide if the end result is what I see as our future. Have a look on the internet and you will see that all of what I’m about to tell you is true.

You can prosper tremendously from future economic conditions if you are prepared for them before they happen. Certain industries have dramatic gains during war or during deep recessions. Other industries fail. History repeats itself and you can determine how to position your portfolio if you research what has happened in the past.

A series of events:

We have now confirmed that the Chinese hacked into US government computers and stole the personal data of millions of Federal employees. And it wasn’t just some Chinese hackers. It was the Chinese Government!

Just a couple weeks ago we were flying a spy plane 15,000 feet over this new island in the middle of the ocean that the Chinese are building. They are building it in 300 feet deep water!!!. No one has ever done that. We are trying to find out why they are doing it. We think it is because a quarter of all global shipping has to go through that area which is rich in natural resources. China would have a cut off switch for the World at their finger tips by securing this location. A lack of natural resources means limited ability to manufacture products. Limited ability to manufacture products can mean limited ability to re-supply for war.

The Chinese government caught us doing the flyovers and they sent a message repeating over and over telling us to not fly across their territory. To not make this terrible mistake. To please go back. Our position is that they cannot control the waters in the middle of the ocean because the ocean belongs to everyone, not them.

Also, the Chinese for the past 10 years have been building the largest Navy that the World has ever seen. Doing so with all of the money we are giving them for being one of the few countries willing to implement what we consider to be human rights abuses on their own people, including their children.  They work these poor people to the bone to get products cheaply to the United States and the rest of the World. And they have been artificially devaluing their currency, the Chinese Yuan, so the cost of goods remains low preventing other countries from competing with them on a manufacturing basis.

Putin of Russia said yesterday that Russia is not planning on attacking the United States along with a statement that they have gone a long way into developing of some equipment that will destroy our missile defense technology. So why would they do that if they weren’t planning on shooting missiles at us?

Also, remember back in late March 2015 when there were 1,500 special ops who were doing a multi state training program in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah? And the news was saying that they were skeptical of what they were doing down there. They suspected that the U.S. was preparing for future Marshall Law on the people.

Well, I did some research and found out the real reason. I found an article in the Moscow Times. On March 13th a Russian general said that Russia was offended that the US Congress in February voted to give military equipment to the Ukraine so they could protect themselves from Russia. And that Russia was going to send modern military weapons to Mexico and infiltrate them across the boarder into those specific states where there are already gorilla groups that will take those states back and make them a part of Mexico again. He said that those states have amnesty as a result of us buying them from Mexico during the Mexican American War for 5 million dollars. And that Russia will help force those states to break back off of the United States. This news was something that the White House decided not to let the American Citizens know about.

So that is why in Late March we sent the 1,500 special ops down there for training. And after the general said that, in early April, Russia warned the U.S. to not drive a UN convoy across the boarder of the Ukraine and Russia and in doing so we would be declaring war. He continued to say why does this UN still exist in the first place if the Cold War was supposedly over. So Obama decided that we should continue as planned and have our convoy along the border.

How about this? There has recently been all of this talk about becoming buddy buddy with Cuba. To open up our trade with them. And people have been saying that Obama is an idiot for wanting to team up with Castro who to this day is continuing human rights abuses.

The reason why our government is talking about becoming friends with Cuba at this precise moment is because Cuba will be used as a landing strip / refueling zone for Russia and China if we break out in a full scale war. Cuba is very close and is the perfect place for something like this to transpire. They need a place like Cuba on their side because otherwise they would have to do a landing on one of our beaches and take the beach like we did in on the well known D-Day, the Battle of Normandy. The D in D-Day stood for Designated Day although it should have stood for Dead Day. It was a blood bath for the American military. Castro knows why everyone is trying to buddy up to him. He understands that he is essentially like a swing vote in the game of Survivor.

About a month ago a photo came out showing Putin of Russia, the President of the Chinese government Xi Jinping, Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro, Castro of Cuba, and several muslim Sunni country heads all together displaying their friendship. That photo helps lay out who will be on who’s side in the upcoming WWIII. The Sunni’s used to all be our friends. Saudi Arabia is Sunni in leadership although their people are Shia. From what I understand, the Sunni’s are the wealthy muslims and Shia are the poor. Obama traded alliances and teamed up with the Shia countries in the Middle East. We are now no longer allies with the Sunni’s.

WWIII is right around the corner. We are firmly in the first few years of posturing before the war. This war will be much different than previous wars. Americans are so used to us taking our war to their country. This war will be both on their soil and ours. They will take a beach like we did in Normandy after using Cuba as a starting point. And they will then use their new position to start spreading their line of control. Further and further into the U.S. Chinese and Russian tanks will be driving down our roads and they will be bombing from our sky.

China alone has 1.3 Billion people. Yes million with a B. We only have 300 million. If every American was a far superior and exceptional fighter every American could kill 2 Chinese. Just a small dent in their population and every American could be completely exterminated.

This isn’t the movies. The good guy doesn’t always win in the end. This is scary stuff. You can call it alarmist but there are some things that have been happening in global politics that are scary recently. Teams are being formed. Who’s on Who’s side.

Interesting things are happening right now for those of you who are keeping abreast of global politics.

Regarding economics, the United States will have another recession next year. We have a recession on average every 6 to 7 years. From what I understand we are already there. To compound that, over 700,000 Baby Boomers will hit 70 years old in 2016. They will be the first wave required to sell a portion of their retirement stock every year. The following year another 700,000 will turn 70 and they will start to sell off their stock doubling the amount of people required to sell each year. The problem will compound upon itself year after year. Let alone next year is a presidential election year which always is particularly hard on Wall Street.

It is expected by experts that the United States will have another housing crisis starting somewhere within 2016 - 2017. So there will be some great opportunities for good buys for those who are in it for the long haul and want to buy at the bottom. Once you hear the pain on the news and the ignorant media saying don’t buy real estate you need to start buying. When the market gets to a point where everyone is saying Buy, Buy, Buy you already missed the boat.

Big interesting things happening in the World right now. We are in a stock market bubble, a government bubble and on the edge of a potentially devastating war. A little research on how various industries perform during historical similar economic conditions will make you a very wealthy investor. Those who are positioned wrong can lose all of their wealth. Fortunes will be gained while fortunes will be lost.

Fortunately those who are reading this email are interested in a particular investment that fares very well as a hedge against extreme economic conditions. A good “Cash Flowing” buy and hold strategy with a strong debt to income ratio will make an investor wealthy in both good times and bad.

And that is why I’m such a strong proponent of having a large portion of low income property in your diversified portfolio.

The End…. For Now.


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