Monday, June 29, 2015

This Week We’re Talking About The National Landlord Convention And Some Interesting Things We Learned

About a month ago several of us went to the Mr. Landlord national convention. There were about 300 landlords there. There were speakers for 3 days starting around 8am and lasting with round table events every night until about 10pm. Lots of great information!

This meeting the special guest speakers will be yours truly and Spanky Macher. If Carla, David and Carole are at the meeting they will help out as well. I haven’t talked to them to confirm yet.

It’s going to be a relaxed presentation. None of us have the time to prepare anything so we will be winging it as usual. I took a couple pages of notes and will go over what I found interesting. Even after doing this stuff for so many years I ended up learning some great ideas and I have a plan in place for tightening up my property management and being more selective with my tenants based on a few more criteria we will talk about.

We will also talk about things that landlords on a national basis are doing such as getting rid of rent grace periods etc. and the reasons why. Why to have a crime free addendum and what it is. Why to get all of your tenants email addresses. Ideas for getting more ancillary income out of your rentals. Nevada LLC’s and why not to have them. Which state is good. Things to do to change a neighborhood for the better. Customer loyalty programs and how to tell if your prospective tenant has drama in their lives. As well as a long list of websites that can help you operate your business.

If you learn anything that you want to remember you should bring a pen and piece of paper. We have no handouts. Either the pen and paper or you can type what you want to remember into your phone notes.

So come on out. I can guarantee you will learn a few things at this meeting that you will benefit from.

Remember we have a new location. See below. All of those that don’t read these emails, I guess we’ll see you next time when you get it figured out.


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