Monday, June 22, 2015

This Week At REI Speed Networking With A Moderated Group Discussion Afterwards

It’s been a very long time since we did any form of group networking in REI. We are an educational business group and our members have a lot to offer that you may not be aware of. I know most of the people in our group but not all. And I know what most of our members have to offer from various conversations I have had with them.

There is another source of making or saving money that our group isn’t taking advantage of which requires networking. Some of the REI groups are set up specifically for that purpose only. They don’t usually last very long from what I’ve found though as a result of that being the sole purpose.

Did you know that our member Jerry Everett was a builder and can rebuild one of your rentals if you had a fire? He can handle the really big jobs. And Jerry has a lot of rentals out in the Salem area so you have questions out that way he’s your man. 

Did you know Robert Young owns a towing company and he can tow abandoned cars away from your property to be held in impound at no cost to you? Your tenants have to pay him to get it. And that he is an expert in commercial real estate and eminent domain issues.

Did you know that John King owns a company that can do any kind of repairs on your mower, weed eater, etc or sell you a new one? And that he also has a hauling company that can bring you dirt, gravel, mulch or whatever you need. Including spreading it.

Did you know that Taz owns a finish carpentry business and can custom build cabinets for you for less than Lowes? He has done several specialty wood working related things for me over the years that my guys weren’t capable of doing. He also did the cabinets for the REI flip that several of us did together.

That is just a very small example of benefits that you can take advantage of by being a member of REI of Virginia. Some people say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Ever heard that saying? Once we have the new website up we will have a page that members can log into to get peoples contact info with a little short bit of information on what they have to offer. It will be hidden behind a login so your info won’t be available to tenants or anyone just going to the website.

This upcoming meeting will make or save you money within the next year. Could be a lot. It all depends on you. To take full advantage of this meeting bring a bunch of business cards.

Now this isn’t the time to just say what you have to offer. It is also the time to tell REI of Virginia members what you need from them to build your business if you are currently growing it. Is it that you need a connection for a good low cost plumber or you need a source of good wholesale deals?

Everyone gets 90 seconds to talk. If you talk a little less that is fine. I know some people are shy. A little more is fine too. This isn’t to stress you out. It’s so everyone gets to know everyone. I contact people in our group all of the time for this or that. There’s a huge benefit that many people are missing due to not knowing each-other and this will help solve that.

The president of TRIG which is the real estate investor group down in the Tidewater Virginia area told me about it while we were having some drinks after the Landlord Convention. And she said it was extremely beneficial for their group.

Come on out. This will be a fun meeting!


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