Monday, June 15, 2015

Senator John Edwards at REI of Virginia This Week

Hi Everyone,

This week I’m pleased to announce our guest speaker will be incumbent democrat Senator John Edwards who is running against republican Nancy Dye who we had at our meeting and Commonwealth Attorney Don Caldwell who is a democrat running as an independent.

People are questioning what Don Caldwell’s motivations are and if what he was doing was to intentionally weaken Edwards.

I’m not sure what Mr. Caldwell’s intentions are. I spoke with him a few months ago regarding a few robberies of my office where the city botched the court case and only charged the criminals for burglary of my brothers office and not mine and he told me at that time the rumors were true and he was thinking about running. 

Senator Edwards has helped REI of Virginia far more than any other politician including the currently elected republicans. None of them have gone to bat for us more than he has. He has been the key man in Richmond who has fought for us to end the ability for the Water Authority to bill a landlord for a tenants unpaid water bill. It’s been a tough fight and Senator Edwards has been there every single year for us from the start.

Come on out and we’ll hear from Senator Edwards about where we currently stand with the Water Authority issue and what plans he has for the future for our area.

See you there!


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