Monday, June 29, 2015

New Meeting Location

At the last meeting we said to read your email. That was to not be rude and talk about how bad it has been for us in Franks while we were in there.

Since we have been there we have had many complaints from our membership about the food. I can say mine was good but I got the exact same salad every meeting.

We also were promised by the manager that the wifi worked well before we took the place. We have known from the start that it didn’t and are extremely limited to what types of meetings we can have as a result. She has been unresponsive in getting that problem resolves. The speaker last night called before he came to confirm that they had wifi. She told him it did and it worked well. He told me he would have brought a personal hotspot if he knew that that wasn’t the case. He was embarrassed having to keep stopping his presentation time and time again. Must have been difficult for him but he managed to get through it.

We also have had the issue of extreme heat in the restaurant for the past month. If you recall it was kept extremely cold as well during the winter  They were aware of that issue from the start but didn’t do anything about it. The last 2 weeks were particularly bad. We have several older members of our group that can’t go anymore due to that level of extreme heat with no fans causing them health issues. We are rapidly losing membership as a result of the restaurant and have to make an emergency change.

I’m not trash talking all of the Franks. Like I said I personally have had great food there. However there clearly are some management issues at this particular one. The lack of response to our issues helps define that.

Our new summer / early fall location will be the Brambleton Deli. Our member Carla Bream set it up for us. There is good wifi and their AC works. The only issue we have there is it will work well for the summer / early fall but it’s about the same size as Franks so it isn’t a long term solution. Our late fall, winter and spring numbers are too high to be able to accommodate a room of that size. The owner is OK with that.

We have our location as Franks all over the internet. I will get started working on changing that. It will take time because it’s literally all over the place. If you notice something I haven’t changed please go ahead and submit the change to the website / newspaper or other publications.

The address of the new location is:
Brambleton Deli
3655  Brambleton Ave., Roanoke, VA 24018

Same time, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

They also have a full bar which is something that several of our members missed from both Shakers and El Rodeo.


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