Monday, June 8, 2015

Mold, Asbestos and old Heating Oil Tank Spills at REI This Week

Hello Everyone,

This week our guest speaker will be Carroll Hale, of an environmental based company called Green Earth Naturally LLC.

Carroll will be with us to talk about some of the nasty little conditions you can inherit with a house you purchase. Including things like Mold, Asbestos and leaking Underground Petroleum Tanks.

Getting unbelievable deals on properties typically is associated with dealing with some nasty problems that most people are scared of. Come on out to the meeting to get educated on these potential types of opportunities so you can fully understand the scope of the problems and know how much it will cost you to take care of it. After all you have to know the cost of taking care of an issue like this before submitting your bid so you can subtract it plus a large premium for dealing with the problem from your offer.

I can tell you from past meetings, there is a huge opportunity in purchasing properties that have contaminated ground with oil spills. No one wants these types of properties. A portion of a penny of every gallon of gas that is sold goes into a Virginia fund called VPSTF. And this fund pays for these types of cleanups.

We had a cleanup on the REI flip that we did together a couple years ago and the guy we used waived the $500 deductible. It was a good win / win for all.

See you at the meeting!


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