Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Knock It Out Of The Park Meeting This Week At REI

Hello everyone,

We have a great meeting lined up for this Tuesday. We’re going to start off the meeting with a few minutes to Republican Harry Griego who is running in a primary against Republican incumbent house member Chris Head. We always invite both parties if one would like to speak so I will be sending a message to Chris to see if he want’s to come out and give a few minutes as well.

After that we’re doing something we never have done before. We’re going to have a meeting on tenant applications. I’m sure some very informative conversation will come out of this meeting. Please send a copy of your application to Andy Stowasser at What Andy is going to do is set up our varied applications on the new REI computer so we will be able to see them on the presentation screen.

This will allow everyone to see what information is important to other investors in deciding on a resident. Mine for example I call a garnishment application. I don’t personally care if a tenant smokes in my low income apartments or if they have pets. I see that as an additional revenue source. So I created mine so I can fit 3 people on 1 front and back printed sheet of paper. And it is primarily focused on obtaining information to determine income and garnishment possibilities.

I also wanted to make it clear that there will be an application fee and they will not get it back if we decide that they don’t qualify. And if they want to know why they are required to send a written notice to me requesting an answer.

Good stuff people! This is the kind of meeting that ends up drawing out some really interesting information.

We’ll see you there!

BTW, If you haven’t paid dues yet please do so. We really need to work on getting some funds together so we can start doing things. We need at least 60K to do something like getting involved with flipping properties of which we can hire our own members as contractors for the job. Or we can do training programs for fellow landlords on various aspects of rehab very similar to what Andy is doing right now with his personal flip he’s doing.

We are all volunteers and no one is getting paid anything. Dues are only $100. Not much to ask considering the massive amount of volunteer hours we put in to try to keep this thing going. If any of us decided ww have had enough of it the group could very easily and quickly dissipate and at that point landlords and investors are back on their own without this great resource there for you when you need it. You can bring your dues to the meeting OR the dues payment address is:

REI of Virginia
3959 Electric Rd Suite 110
Roanoke, VA 24018

Thank You!


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