Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sherwin Williams At REI This Week

This week our special guest speaker will be Andrew Rutledge who is the rep for Sherwin Williams.

REI of Virginia currently has discounts on paint from Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sherwin Williams.

Your discount from Home Depot paint is 20% off if you use the phone number 540-293-2335. Lowe’s lost a lot of paint business as a result of our substantial discount offered by Home Depot. They then agreed to match the Home Depot discount but I have heard mixed results from our membership. It doesn’t seem like all of the employees in the paint departments in the various Lowe’s know about our discount match.

I am now hearing that Sherwin Williams is going to be selling their products in Lowe’s. We already have a Community Buying Group discount through Sherwin Williams but to be honest with you it’s a little complicated. There are various amounts off depending on the product. Some up to 40% off but some much less. And I’ve been told that percentage off fluctuates on a regular basis. So it is a little complicated and I’m hoping that Andrew can clear it up so we understand.

One thing that’s real important to know about is paint in our line of work. That is one of the things that we have to continuously do so overall we spend a lot of money on it in comparison to other repairs.

It’s real important to use a paint that covers in 1 coat due to the added labor costs of having to paint a place twice to get adequate coverage. Painting twice is much more expensive than a few more dollars per gallon. Also, certain colors of paint cover better than others. I always use a satin bone white which is a very light kaki color due to it’s superior color coverage compared to many other colors. It covers much better than the bright china white we use on the trim or the flat white for the ceilings.

Sherwin Williams has some great paint and often scores high on Consumer Reports studies of paint coverage vs price comparison. As does some of the Behr higher line products. The last couple years Valspar has missed the boat by a little over Behr and Sherwin Williams premium lines. I’m not sure what the latest 2015 paint coverage stats show from Consumer Reports or if they have done them yet.

Come on out to hear what Andrew has to say about their Sherwin Williams paints and why to use them. And an explanation of our discounts and what’s going on with Lowe’s.

See you there!


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