Monday, April 27, 2015

Roanoke UPS Store Want’s To Collect Your Rent For You!

A couple years ago I changed my rent collection system. Rather than driving around and physically collecting rent, tenants were required to either put their rent in my mailbox or mail it to my mailbox. That worked well for a while however I did have a few episodes of drama in my front yard from tenants who decided that they wanted to get a little froggy with me when I was evicting them. It’s not good to have that kind of stuff taking place at your home where you’re supposed to be able to relax.

I later moved out in the hollar to Roanoke County and decided at that point the only people who will know where my address is are my friends. I got a PO Box in Elliston for my tenants to send their rent to and changed my Tax Address with Roanoke City to the PO Box so if they want to send me their monthly love letters they can send them there.

That has worked out OK but there is one problem. My tenants would rather spend $2.00 in gas driving to physically drop off rent rather than the 40 something cents it costs to mail it. Several of my tenants are last minute kind of people. They used to hustle out there to my house and put it in my mailbox on the 5th right before they got the late fee.

So that clearly doesn’t work with a PO Box in Elliston and no where to drop rent off anymore. And I refuse to get back into the situation where they drop it off at my house or the situation where I’m running down tenants every day at the first of the month trying to get paid. That was irritating and a major waste of my time. Also is a terrible idea when you’re trying to set up good “systems” that make your life easy and make you more productive.

To top it off, we now are experiencing problems with the government mailing system in Roanoke which makes this problem much worse. If a tenant bought a mail order at the post office, the same one your PO Box is in, the government decided that they are going to send it to Greensboro NC first to be sorted and then back here to Roanoke to that PO Box that they were standing 5 feet away from. And the total time for this Greensboro trip of your money is from 3 to 5 days.

3 to 5 doesn’t work when a tenant is behind on their rent and trying to make an immediate payment to you. Or when you need to know if they paid because of an upcoming court date the same or next day. Saying they mailed it doesn’t fly. That leaves a great opportunity for a lie.

Our member Carla Bream found what looks to be a great solution. Scott at the Electric Rd UPS Store will be coming to our meeting to talk about the landlord services they offer. At the UPS Store you get a physical address. You know how some people won’t send something to a PO Box…

Your tenants can go get their money order or bring their check down to the UPS Store and they will accept your rent payment for you and will put it in your box. At that point they send you a text message or email when new mail is put in the box. Or you can call them to ask them if there is a payment in your box. No other carrier would spend their time doing that for you.

They will even sign for any packages that you have delivered there by any carrier. What a pain it is when I buy something off Ebay and the seller requires delivery confirmation. I will never be at my house during the time that they could deliver it so I have to call around and get them to hold it at some location so I can go sign and get it days after I could have had it.

This sounds like a pretty good solution to the problem. Tenants have what some of them want, a place to drop off rent. And those that like to mail rent can do that as well. 

Come on out to the meeting to get all of the details on how it works.

See you there!


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