Thursday, April 23, 2015

Roanoke City Demands More Of Your Money

Just as the Federal Government took their hand out of our pockets for the April 15th income tax deadline, Roanoke City decided that they aren’t getting enough and want a higher share of your money as well. They apparently have the Greed Bug and are having a hard time shaking it. The next upcoming council election will put an end to that as their new proposal will effect every citizen in the city.

This evening at 7:00 pm Roanoke City is holding a meeting to discuss the various new forms of taxes that they want to make the citizens and business owners in the city pay.

They would like to see an increase in several different areas at once and allow themselves room for further future taxation as well.

The proposed taxes are a new 7 dollar tax per trash can. A landlord that has a 100 units would pay an additional $700 per month to the city for this new tax alone. We already have the highest property taxes in Western Virginia which used to be OK because it included trash pickup.

They are also interested in increasing everyones motor vehicle taxes and an increase in the meals tax again. They feel it is important to continue their growth and are not interested in any form of budget cuts. Let me make this clear, Budget Cuts are not on the table this evening for discussion although I’m sure that there will be several people that will bring it up.

The meeting again is at 7:00 pm. If you want to say a few words then show up early so you can sign up to speak. It’s in the city council chambers which is on the 4th floor of the municipal building that is to the right of the city court house. It’s real important that you come to this meeting regardless of wether you talk or not. If you show you don’t care it makes it so much easier for the next tax increase.

I know I don’t work hard all day long to turn around and give it all up to the government. Tenants will be the ultimate victim of these continual tax increases. Rents raised substantially as a result of the rain tax and this trash can tax will have much more of a dramatic impact considering the fact that it’s their trash and few landlords would be willing to pay for someone else’s trash. 

It’s time to sharpen the pencil and make some budget cuts. Trust me, they won’t have to sharpen it much. I was on the City Budget Committee and most of you would be shocked at the sheer amount of wasteful spending Roanoke City does with your money.


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